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Helping Clients

  1. A referred client by a law firm hired us to resolve an audit and collection matter of approximately 1.8 million dollars. By our inside knowledge of the IRS, and utilizing IRS policies and procedures, we were able to resolve the tax liability completely for zero dollars.
  2. An existing client hired us to resolve a collection matter of approximately 1.2 million dollars. We were able to discharge 1.1 million dollars through bankruptcy. We then were able to negotiate the balance for $10,000.
  3. Working with the IRS Collection Division we were able to reduce a total amount owed for another client by $60,000. In addition, the client received a favorable installment agreement with the IRS for the balance owed.
  4. A referred client by a local CPA firm had an audit assessment of over $186,000. Through working with the Regional Offices of Appeals we were able to reduce the tax liability to zero dollars.
  5. An existing client had IRS and State liens in excess of $100,000. We were able to release the tax liens through the IRS so the client could sell his property. The state wouldn't initially waive their tax lien. We were able to remove the lien through congressional inquiry.
This is a sample of work that we have done in the past. We are very straight forward with our clients regarding their chances of resolving their case favorably. We do not make promises that we cannot deliver on. Unfortunately, we have many clients that have had bad experiences in the past with other firms. Primarily from firms/"ambulance chasers" that notify taxpayers, from public records when the IRS files a lien. They usually make promises that they cannot deliver on. Usually with a large "up-front" fee. If you are in the process of looking for a firm to help you, please be very careful when evaluating the promises made.

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